GeniusLog--$1 through Sep 1

My 16-year-old daughter has logged over 3,000 works since age 5, but it's never too late to start. If you have been interested in trying this super easy logging system, now is a good time to try it! GeniusLog Basic is on sale for $1 through Sep 1. Click here to download now.

A simple to use tool with powerful potential. Use GeniusLog to record all books and other works of genius (aka--great works, masterpieces, classics) you and/or your child has read or studied--books, magazine articles, talks, plays, music, film, architecture, recipes, nature study.

Perfect for homeschool families who follow the Charlotte Mason or TJEd paradigm; Unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers who want to create their own world-class course of study and keep a record what they have read, studied, and experienced; public school families who want to supplement at home.

GeniusLog can be used as a transcipt for college entrance, job applications, homeschool reporting where required by law.

This spreadsheet includes all the rows, subject columns, and formulas as GeniusLog 250, but it is blank and ready for you to start filling in works you have read/studied or wish to read/study. The counter at the top tallies total works studied. Works are only counted once you enter a date in the "date completed" column. Works can be counted more than once if read or studied more than once.

Columns: Title, author, date completed, format, genre, summary/commentary,

Subject columns: language arts, writing (hours counted in 2 ways: 1. hours spent writing about different works 2. total time spent writing), history/geography/culture, social sciences/relationships, natural sciences, math/logic, political science/law, business/economics, education/personal development, art/fine arts, music, religion, foreign language

GeniusLog is editable--you can add your own works or subject columns, or delete mine. You can replace the "X" in any subject column with number of hours studied, and GeniusLog will generate a total number of hours studied in that subject at the top of the column.

See where your "gaps" are at a glance--If your goal is to learn *how* to think, and not just *what* to think (accumulating information), then you will want to study works created by men and women with differing opinions and perspectives, from various countries and cultures and time periods. GeniusLog allows you to easily sort your list in alphabetical or chronological order, by title, author, year, country of origin, genre, and subject matter covered, for easy assessment of the breadth of your education.

One purchase gives you:

--as many copies as you need for your household for life

--unlimited downloads of the Excel document, if something should go wrong (including new versions with new works)

--one-on-one support, when needed

Click here to download now.

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