Stories of America:
Black American Voices
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Did you know that the first person of African descent to become a published author was an enslaved woman in Boston named Phillis Wheatley? Denise and Angel are excited to read breathtaking poetry from her 1773 publication with you. Together we will peel back layers of meaning and connect it with her life and the revolutionary world she lived in. From there, we will continue to be your guides as we explore more poetry, literature, art, music and theater of Black Americans throughout history together.


The wonderful thing about these stories is—they are so much more than just literature, art, music and theater! History, geography, culture, science, math, politics, economics, psychology and the human spirit are inherent throughout. Explore the events and life experiences of American history from the voices of Black Americans. Compare and contrast them with other stories you're familiar with.


This is a "living" class because no two sessions are exactly alike. Each new group of scholars shapes the discussion in a different way. We are excited to hear what you've learned and what connections you've made in a one-hour class discussion with Denise, Angel and other youth once a week.