Paintings of Ivan Vladimirov depicting scenes from the Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution of 1917-1919


Bolshevik Agitator

Bolshevik Agitator.jpeg

Actual photograph of a Bolshevik agitator with photo of Lenin behind him, trying to gain support of communism from the peasants (as depicted in the painting).

Burning of Tsar's portraits Vladimirov.jpeg

Burning of Eagles and Tsar's Portraits​

Progrom of Wine Shop Vladimirov.jpeg

Looting of a Wine Shop in Petrograd, January​

Family expelled from apartment Vladimirov.jpeg

Family Expelled From Their Apartment​

From Their Homes Vladimirov.jpeg

Peasants Return Home After Looting a Manor House Somewhere Near Pskov

Priests Forced to Clear Manure Vladimirov.jpeg

Clergy On Forced Labor Cleaning Stables

Gathering Potato Peelings From Trash Vladimirov.jpeg

Hungry Times in Petrograd: A Lady and her daughter gather potato peelings from the garbage.

Famine 1919 Vladimirov.jpeg

Famine 1919

Vandalism in the Winter Palace December Vladimirov.jpeg

Vandalism of Winter Palace

Waiting For Bread Vladimirov.jpeg

Waiting For Bread

Exchange For Food Vladimirov.jpeg

Exchange of Belongings For Food in a Village Near the Railway Station

Priest Sentenced to Death Vladimirov.jpeg
At The Piano Vladimirov.jpeg

At the Piano

Looting Manor House Vladimirov.jpeg

Looting a Manor House

Landowner and Priest are Sentenced to Death by a Revolutionary Tribunal in Valday.