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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you accommodate children with special needs or behavioral challenges? Please email me at before registering so we can discuss your specific needs and determine whether or not World Explorers is a good fit for your child.


2. What does my child need to be capable of to join World Explorers? First, your child must want to be here and participate in (or respectfully observe) group activities. Additionally, they must be able to wait until 11:30 to eat, and they must be able to go to the bathroom completely on their own (they are free to use the bathroom any time). If your child can't tie their own shoes, please come to World Explorers with non-tie shoes. They do not need to know how to read or write to participate and have a great time! 

3. What does a typical day look like? I'm flexible about exact times, but a typical day will flow something like this:

10:00-10:30 Welcome; reading and discussion

10:30-11:30 Group activities

11:30-12:00 Lunch (outside on picnic tables if nice)

12:00-2:00 Nature exploration and free play

4. Are parents/caregivers allowed to stay? Yes, with two caveats. If you have younger children with you, I ask that you play downstairs or outside (away from the group). If you would like to observe (without younger siblings), I ask that you let me know in advance which day you would like to observe; two parents at a time may observe.

5. Is this a religious group? While I am a person of faith, religion is not taught at WE and anyone is welcome to join. We don't read religious stories or texts, however the stories we read may have a scene in which the character participates in religious activities (such as the Little House on the Prairie series). If a child makes a comment about God or spirituality as we discuss books and observe nature, that's fine. Comments putting down any religion, religious practices, belief systems, or person/group of people, is not allowed. But I don't expect that with this age group.

6. What if I'm late picking up my child? There is a late pick-up fee of $10 if 2 minutes late, $20 if 5 minutes late, $30 if 10 minutes late, etc. Please plan to arrive before 2:00. You may stay and continue to play at the park with your child after WE.

7. What is your cancellation policy? If you cancel within 3 days of registering you get a full refund minus $20 for the transaction fee. No refunds after the 3-day grace period or if you cancel less than one week before the session starts.


8. What if you need to cancel WE? In the unlikely event that I need to cancel WE for personal reasons, and cannot find an adequate substitute, you will be notified and refunded $40 for that day. If you cannot make it to WE because of illness, personal reasons, weather or driving conditions, you will not be refunded.

9. Are you insured? I have personal homeowners insurance, however I do not have insurance that would cover other children in my care. You will be required to sign a waiver and assume financial responsibility for any injury your child sustains in my care. In the unlikely event of injury, I will call the parent or emergency contacts immediately. In an emergency I will call 911.

10. How do you ensure the health and safety of my child? Your child's physical and emotional safety in our group is essential; not only because we care about their safety and happiness, but because it is essential for learning and healthy growth.


--Children will be within my sight at all times, indoors and out. 

--Bedroom doors are locked during World Explorers, so children will only be in open communal areas with the group when indoors.

--Every child is included in play; exclusion is not tolerated. Mean-spirited comments will be addressed kindly. Emotionally (or physically) hurt children will be validated and cared for appropriately. This is less likely to happen, and easier to notice and deal with, in such a small group.

--My home is thoroughly cleaned before World Explorers. I use all-natural cleaners, except I do use a cleaner with bleach in and on the toilet and bathroom sink. A clean hand towel is always hung in the bathroom. Windows are open as often as possible for fresh air (even briefly in the winter, not during WE). We do not use anything with synthetic fragrances in our home.

--We have a 30-lb kid-friendly dog that sheds lightly. We vacuum prior to WE. If he is disruptive or agitated he will be put in a room while we are indoors.

--Please do not bring peanuts, peanut butter, cashews or pistachios into our home; we have allergies. Let me know of any allergies your child has.

--Please have your children wash their hands (and faces, if they've eaten nuts) with soap and water as soon as they arrive at WE.

--Please do not bring your child to WE if they have been sick (fever, cold or GI issues) within the past 24 hours.

--Masking and/or proof of vaccination will *never* be required or recommended at World Explorers.

I am excited to get to know and mentor your child!

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