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Symposium 2018 Video: 3 Story Elements

Have you ever heard of the Joshua Tree Epiphany? Watch the video below for an introduction of this session's facilitators and our topic of diving "Beneath the Surface" of the stories you spend much of your time reading to your children every day.

This year the Symposium is FREE but the content is priceless! Please join the conversation!

We have 45 elements we would like to share with you, but will flesh out just 3 of them in this discussion circle. We will be recording engaging videos of these elements to share with you and your youth this summer.

Expanding my literacy of story anatomy, theory and technique has opened my eyes (and therefore my children’s eyes) to new worlds of knowledge and layers of understanding—of principles, human nature, individual experience and more—and is ultimately shaping who we become. We are a little Anne Shirley, Sydney Carton, Jean Valjean, Esther, Anne Frank, and many more.

Andrea is passionate about stories and gold mine of knowledge, and I am grateful to be working with her and learning from her. I hope you will join the conversation in person if you are in the Minneapolis area! Click here for more info and to register.

I look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones this year!


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