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5000 Stories

World Scholar Community

Real books, real thinking, real discussion

about the stories of our world throughout history

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Sortable by year, age appropriateness and subject matter:

To read a summary of the tale we discussed click here.

"Listening to the class discussion, hearing the experiences and connections and thoughts made my heart swell with a little healing, and a lot of hope. Definitely perspective expanding. Thank you so so much Angel for facilitating this! After class [my daughter] said, "Miss Angel said the wisest thing today. 'Barriers can create opportunities'"...I *loved* how you took that moment to encourage the youth to find "that thing" that they feel passionate about." --Lisa A., Georgia

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Stories of Russia

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Stories of America:

Black American Voices

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World Explorers

Learning pod for

ages 6-9 (in-person)

Stories of America:

European Settlement

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Stories of the Deaf-World

Date TBD



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