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Stories of

Privyet! We are Angel & Olya and we are passionate about Russian history, literature and language! We want to share our passion with you by discussing the captivating and inspiring stories of Russian history, from 1800 to today through fairy tales, memoirs, literature, biographies, art, propaganda, films, food, and stories passed down from Olya's ancestors. Explore the era of the tsars and life of the peasants, the Bolshevik Revolution and overthrow of the tsars, World War II, communism and life in the Soviet Union, and it's end in 1991.


The wonderful thing about these stories is--it's not just history and literature! Geography, culture, art, music, science, math, politics, economics, psychology and the human spirit are inherent throughout. See life and the events of history through the eyes of the Russian people.

This is a "living" class because no two sessions are exactly alike. Each new group of scholars shapes the discussion in a different way. We are excited to hear what your insights in a one-hour class discussion with Angel, Olya and other youth once a week. 

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