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Note: The actors are older than the characters they play in the book.

Note: In the movie, the main character Thomas is called "Khoma."


14:20–a man beats an old witch (played by a man) with a stick--very fake, you can tell he’s not hitting the actor at all.


22:50–25:00–drunk men sing and talk about school


27:15–two people are dragging a dog across the scene and one calls it a “dirty b***h” in Russian, which is shown in the subtitles. At the time the term specifically referred to female dogs.


Notice the religious icons behind the dead woman in her bedroom. You will see these again when we study art.


41:48–“d**m” in the subtitles


The deceased woman reaches out for the main character several times throughout the film.


1:03:09–the same man chases his dog through the scene again saying “d**ned b**ch” seen in subtitles.


1:08:16–scary creatures come through walls to get the seminarian. They all grab for him, but no harm is done to him. 

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