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Tuesdays & Thursdays, Sep 19, 2023 - June 6, 2024

Adventures in the Big Woods

Now enrolling Fall 2023:

Join us for a year of friendship, book discussion, activities, experiments and nature adventures! We start off the day with one child as "teacher of the day" sharing something they have learned that week, something they've found in nature or a piece of art or music they like. Angel will use that as a jumping off point for questions, discussion and exploration.


Teacher of the day will be followed by book discussion (which you read at home) and book related activities. In the past these have included planting seeds (and observing and measuring growth each week), natural fabric dyeing with plants, pottery, cooking, baking bread, making butter, shelter building, and fire building. 


Go for a hike in the woods near Angel's house and observe the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Wade in the creek and catch snakes to observe as a group. Questions and observations of the day are recorded on our question wall in the moment they are spoken, when possible--making them feel like a valued member of the group and fueling their desire to learn, share and ask. Angel also gives the children the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for projects, activities and books to read together, fostering collaboration and leadership skills as well as the courage to speak up. Angel makes an effort to ask the quiet ones if they have anything to add.


All activities are led by Angel Selden and done with the primary goal of fostering collaboration, a love of learning, curiosity, observation, asking questions and hypothesizing. Instead of dividing the day into subject-specific classes with different teachers, you have one mentor over a small group of children the whole day, getting to know your child well while guiding explorations that span subject matter.

We will spend 2-4 hours a day outdoors, even if cold or raining (unless weather is extreme, including extreme cold and lighting). Please bring adequate outdoor clothing and footwear.

Bring your own lunch and water bottle.

You are expected to be available to help drive and chaperone one field trip during the year. You will be reimbursed your tuition for the day and your entrance will be paid for.

Drop off Tuesdays 10:00am-3:00pm, near 394 & Hopkins Crossroad (exact address provided after registration).

Field trips will include:

Children's Theatre Company

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Kelley Farm

Mill City Museum

State Capitol

Fall Harvest Orchard (Thursdays only)

State & regional parks

$110 deposit per child, at time of registration*

One day/week: $200 per child per month**

Two days/week: $400 per child per month**

*Non-refundable. Covers all field trip and supply costs for the year

**Breaks down to $10/hr, even with days off. One month notice required for withdrawal.

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